CCC “Sing Out Summer Picnic”

Picnic on September 1st on the Gleason Public Library Lawn.  From 6 to 8:00pm

Do you remember what it was like when we gathered in the old rehearsal room before a concert, all dressed up in our white shirts and black pants, all eager, nervous, and excited for our program? Then gathering in the hall, arranging ourselves on the risers, and finally, with Amanda’s downbeat, singing our hearts out as the culmination of months of fun and hard work.

The rehearsals, the dark nights, the rain, the delicious potlucks, the feeling of finally coming together as one living, breathing organism, because that’s what a chorus really is. Do you miss it?

On behalf of the Carlisle Community Chorus board of directors, I’m hoping you’ll come back and join us this fall. None of us can know what the future will bring, but as of this summer, we are hoping to be back in the new rehearsal room this fall and singing together again. We will be kicking off our new season with a gathering of the Carlisle community and neighbors for a potluck picnic and a fun “Singing Out Summer” to warm up those pipes on September 1st on the Gleason Library Lawn.  From 6 to 8:00pm. Come and say hey!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I’ve missed you!


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