YES, we are singing again! Come join us!

We’ll start on Monday, September 27 at 7 pm in the Robbins Community Room at the Carlisle School.

The Carlisle Community Chorus board has established a set of COVID precautions that it believes will allow us to sing safely together in person. Please review these PANDEMIC PRECAUTIONS that everyone will need to follow:  

* Proof of vaccination is required in order to participate.  You may show your vaccination card, a photo of it on your smart phone, or a doctor’s note on his/her office stationary.  These will be checked in the lobby of the Robbins Building before you enter the rehearsal room for the first time–you will not need to show it after the first time.  If you invite a friend, relative, neighbor or colleague (great, love to have them!), please make sure they bring their proof of vaccination and a mask. Children ages 12 and older who have been vaccinated and are prepared to wear a mask while indoors are welcome to join us.  

* Masks will be required to be worn at all times indoors, including when singing.  We recommend the blue surgical masks. If you are unable to wear a mask for some reason, you may not join us this season.  We extend our apologies, but we need to make sure that everyone feels safe singing together.  There will be no streaming of rehearsals or other ways to participate remotely.  

* Seats will be spaced apart by 4-6 feet.  The ventilation in this room is good, and we may also open doors/windows if the weather allows.  

* Bring your own water. You may lower your mask briefly to take a quick drink during rehearsal.  There will be no snack time.  Rather, we will take a 15-minute break outdoors at which time you may remove your mask if you feel comfortable doing so; or you may remain indoors, fully masked, and socialize at a distance.  

Our season will begin on Monday, September 27.  Rehearsals will run from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  Depending on COVID conditions in our area, we may offer a community concert in the school auditorium or some other community performance at an outdoor venue in December or January.

The fee to participate in the fall/winter season has been reduced to $25/person, regardless of age.   

Last, but definitely not least, our conductor, Amanda Kern, will be leading us once again. We are all excited about being and singing together again.  So, warm up those pipes, practice in the shower and/or the car, and get ready for some community fun!!!